Why You Should Hire an Interior Designer

Reasons to Hire Interior Designers

DIY or hire out? Here are some of our top reasons to Hire Interior Designers for your next remodeling project.

Reasons to Hire Interior Designers

When working on your latest interior design endeavor, it can be tricky to decide whether to DIY from scratch or hire a professional. Here’s some of our top reasons as to why you should hire an interior designer:

1. They know the steps to take. Because they’ve done this before, a professional is not going to miss anything and can guide you along a realistic timeline!

2. They have connections. They’ll know all the best people from industry partners to vendors and contractors, and know specifically what your project needs.

3. They will keep you from making expensive mistakes. Having done this hundred of times, a professional interior designer has already made mistakes and can help you avoid any in your project.

4. They are aware of the latest trends. They are able to help you think about things you may not have been previously aware of or that you wouldn’t have thought about otherwise. They can also help you add resale value to your home from the get go!

5. They can help create cohesion. A cohesive design within your home is key – you don’t want a kitchen that looks out of place as if it came from a totally different era than the rest of your home’s design!

6. They are up to speed on all of the new products. Naturally, homeowners wouldn’t know about these features or products that the experts specialize in.

7. They also know about material shortages. If a product is out of stock (a super common issue right now due to COVID-19!), they can help source replacements or avoid picking specific products for your project if they are already aware of a lack of inventory.

8. They understand necessary codes. There are local codes that must be followed including electrical, fire, etc. Professional designers know where to place fixtures and other items to fit in accordance with these regulations.

9. They can bear a lot of the stress. You can relax while your professional takes the lead! They make great sounding boards and are here to lighten your load.

Which reason on this list speaks most to you? We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have about hiring a pro – just reach out to us @dovetailedesign on social media!

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