DIY Rudolf Selfie Ornament Holiday Activity

Like so many others, this year has been difficult for our family. My husband’s grandfather is in his late 80’s and looks forward to our big family gatherings around the holidays but due to COVID-19 we decided to cancel the big family festivities this year. He needed a little cheer, so I decided to send all of his kids, grandkids and great grandkids this fun and silly Rudolf Selfie kit they could make and mail back to him! I just love the idea of him opening up all the red envelopes to find pics of his loved ones with fuzzy red noses. There are 37 of us and I’m sure these ornaments will fill his tree with the spirit of Christmas. 

For each DIY Rudolf Selfie Ornament, you’ll need:

  • 9-10 multi colored little pompoms
  • 1 red medium pompom
  • 1 small piece of light brown construction paper (I cut a single sheet into 4ths)
  • 1 tiny piece of dark brown construction paper (I cut a single sheet into 8ths)
  • 1 piece of string or ribbon
  • 1 Cardboard circle. I traced the shape using a pint glass then cut it with an exacto blade. You can buy flat wood ornaments at a craft store as well but I was in a Recycle-Reduce-Reuse kind of mood.
  • A printed list of directions for how to cut out the antlers and glue everything together. I kept this pretty simple; Cut out ears and antlers, cut a circle shape of your cute face, glue it all together and send to Grandpa. 
  • I also included a red envelope with grandpa’s address on it so my family could easily pop it in the mail when they were done. It needs to be fun and easy so even the Grinchiest of uncles will participate!

Did you decide to give this DIY a try? I’d love to see what you came up with – tag us on social media @dovetailedesign and show us what you made.

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