The Pros and Cons of DIYing Your Home Renovation Project

Pros & Cons of DIY Renovation

Considering whether you should be DIYing your home renovation project? Today we’re covering the Pros & Cons of DIY Renovation.

Considering whether you should be DIYing your home renovation project? We hope to help clear some things up today, covering some of our favorite pros and cons about the DIY process.


  1. Reduced Expenses. It’s going to be expensive to pay a contractor / hire someone, so you’ll naturally save money when DIY-ing your project.
  2. Increased Pride. You’ll learn something new by DIY-ing your home renovations and you’ll experienced increased pride in your work, done with your own two hands.
  3. Less Strangers. When you take things on yourself, that means less strangers (contractors) coming in and out of your house. Not only is this great during COVID-19, but it also reduces the general invasiveness of having people all around your house.
  4. Schedule at Your Pace. If you hired out, the schedule is set by the contractor team, but when you DIY things, the work can largely go by your own timeline. If you’re doing tile work for example, you aren’t waiting for someone to show up – you’re just doing it at your own pace!
  5. Full Freedom. You won’t have anyone to answer to, and you can take the project in any direction you desire! You’ll have full freedom to pivot and change the current trajectory – even if that’s halfway through the project.


  1. Time Stolen. When you DIY, it does take a lot of your attention and time, stealing it from your job and your family, etc. It takes longer because you likely don’t know how to do it, so you’re learning along the way and potentially spending more time to fix things and do it right.
  2. New Tools Needed. You likely won’t have all the tools necessary to complete the home renovation without going and purchasing at least a few, which is typically a cost that people don’t factor into their overall budget. So be sure to keep this in mind!
  3. No-Shows. Since you aren’t hiring a general contractor with a team (who could control the timeline tighter for their employees) and you’ll be hiring one-off service providers such as plumbers and electricians, it may be harder to get them to follow through and show up at the day and time discussed. Just prepare to expect some change ups.
  4. Mistakes Aren’t Easily Forgiven. Since you’ll be learning along the way, if you make a mistake, it may be extremely hard to fix and you may inevitably need to hire outside help to remedy the situation.
  5. Lack of Knowledge. Similar to #4, you won’t have knowledge of the local building codes, whereas a general contractor would be licensed and insured, and up to date on these necessary precautions.

All in all, there’s much to consider when deciding whether or not to DIY your home renovation project and we hope these pros and cons helped you to further assess all of your options. 🙂 Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions –

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