6 Steps to Take Before You Remodel Your Home

Steps Before a Remodel

6 Steps you should take before you dive into that big remodel, to make sure your project runs as smoothly as possible!

So, you want to remodel your home? Perhaps those Pinterest boards have you stirring with inspiration, or maybe you’re just getting tired of looking at the same old backsplash a thousand times! Whatever your reason is for the facelift, we want to share 6 steps to take before you remodel your home.

1. Design your project.

You can’t start any project until you design. Consulting with a professional is the best way to ensure you get a top-of-the-line, timeless but modern design. We offer affordable designer packages, great for the DIYer at heart or anyone who has their own contractor in mind but still wants a high-quality look.

2. Establish a budget.

You’ll want to establish a realistic budget – and news flash: It’s always going to take more money than you think it will! 🙂 You’ll want to add 10% for contingencies if you’re a more modest customer, but if you have a bougie taste, you may want to account for a bit more.

For example, when redesigning your kitchen, when it comes to product there’s three tiers to the most expensive things you’ll have to purchase: Cabinets, countertops and appliances. 40% of your kitchen remodel budget will be just product – and 30% of that 40% will be just cabinets! No joke! The other 60% will be devoted to the labor involved.

Firmly setting your max budget (including contingencies) ahead of time will help guide the project and keep you on task (and not break the bank!).

3. Know your style.

You may already be very familiar with Pinterest – this is the perfect resource for nailing down your personal style. Starting a Pinterest board for whichever room you’re working to remodel first and gathering related pins that resonate with your aesthetics can help your designer greatly and will contribute in determining which stylistic direction you’ll guide the remodel.

4. Have a timeline.

Similar to your monetary budget, any remodeling project will always take a bit longer than you think! It’s important to budget extra TIME, too. Mapping out a timeline ahead of time with yourself or your contractor(s) can help ensure that you’re not missing any steps as they pertain to the predetermined deadlines so you can wrap up when you had planned. Be flexible and don’t create a “make or break” deadline if you can avoid it – these projects take patience 🙂

5. Find and vet your contractor (if you’re not doing it yourself).

If you don’t decide to go the DIY route, the most important element of your project will be making sure that you find a licensed, bonded and insured contractor. You’ll want to ask for references and get at least three different estimates from different companies! Something we don’t take lightly: You should choose to work with the one you feel the most comfy with, NOT just the least expensive. Peace of mind and collaboration can outweigh saving a few pennies.

6. Take a deep breath!

We know the feeling… you get all excited when you’re picking out your design and when you’re first demoing, but then it sinks in: You’ve got to deal with plumbing, electrical, sheet rock… the list goes on and on. You have to put everything back together in the room and add the finishing touches, and the entire experience can feel like a rollercoaster.

Fair warning: There will be a time period when you are waiting – and it will feel like an eternity. The final stretch is painful and you might argue with your honey a bit more than usual, but don’t opt for divorce quite yet! As soon as those countertops go in, it will feel like the first day of spring and you’ll be renewed and reinvigorated once again.

Which of these tips did you find most helpful? If we can answer any questions for you, send us an email – Justine@justinejustinemariedesigns.com

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6 Steps Before a Remodel

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