Finding Quality Contractors & Installers With Fresh Chalk

Find Quality Contractors

Having a hard time finding trusted, reliable contractors and installers to make your Dovetailed design dreams come true? Wish there was a way to figure out who to hire based on first hand experiences and recommendations from people in your city? We’re with you! That’s why we’re partnering with Fresh Chalk, a great (and FREE!) source to do just that. 

Find Quality Contractors

“Fresh Chalk is a site for sharing recommendations for products and professionals with your friends. Many of us have a handful of people, products, brands, or apps we trust to help us manage our health, our homes, or our well-being. But when a new need arises, what do you do? The general consensus is that recommendations from friends rule. The problem is, getting those recommendations from friends in the normal course of life (via text, chance encounters, or planned social events) is no small task. The alternative—blindly trusting reviews on the internet—can be downright scary. Fresh Chalk compiles a list of recommendations in each category from people you already trust, so when you need them, they’re there.”

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